Government facilities represent attractive and strategically important targets for both domestic and international terrorist groups, as well as criminals.These assets are often targeted because they provide unique services, often perform sensitive functions, and have significant symbolic value. Because of the high-profile nature of the sector, government facilities operate within a very dynamic risk environment requiring a variety of well-coordinated protective measures to ensure the safety and security of citizens and the continued availability of essential government functions.

THE FINEST International Private Security provide you the finest security measures that will prevent any criminal activities in any government facilities. Our security officers with the assistance of the the Law Enforcement are well trained in providing security measures in maintaining a pleasant transaction of business inside the government facilities.

We’ll design a custom remote guarding solution for your office or government building that takes into account your unique logistics and needs.

Remote security monitoring for office buildings has come a long way: with facial and license plate recognition, independent HD video feeds, and advanced commercial security cameras, it’s never been a better time to invest in security.

Our expert team can respond to a wide variety of threats and security breaches with real-time, two-way intervention.

The Government Facilities Sector includes a wide variety of buildings, owned or leased by Federal, State, Territorial, local, or tribal governments, located domestically and overseas. Many government facilities are open to the public for business activities, commercial transactions, or recreational activities. Others not open to the public contain highly sensitive information, materials, processes, and equipment. This includes general-use office buildings and special-use military installations, embassies, courthouses, national laboratories, and structures that may house critical equipment and systems, networks, and functions.

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